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Cycle Smart Whitehorse In-class sessions: April 12, 15-17

Cycle Smart is an Active Yukon Schools program offered by RPAY that gives children the opportunity to learn and practice important bicycle safety skills on their bikes. The program comes to schools across the Yukon, and includes setting up a series of stations on the playground. Children progress through the stations and hone their skills of negotiating intersections, signalling, riding in a straight line, shoulder checking, helmet use and much more.

Each year, more than 700 Yukon children get on bikes through Cycle Smart, including more than 250 children from rural Yukon. To ensure that all children can participate, even if they don’t have their own bike, we bring along a fleet of loaner bikes and helmets.

The benefits of cycling are numerous, and include improving the environment, helping with physical and mental health. Cycle Smart is helping to create a cohort of children that are aware of bicycle safety and will hopefully grow up to continue riding bikes for recreation and commuting and reap the benefits it provides.

2019 dates are:

Whitehorse In-class Sessions: April 12-17

Whitehorse Playground Workshops and Road Rides:  April 29 – May 10

Rural Yukon Tour:   April 30 – May 10

If you are a Yukon classroom teacher and have questions about the program, we would love to hear from you.

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