​RPAY is dedicated to  promoting  a healthier Yukon through active living, recreation and parks. Our goal is to strengthen community recreation by supporting opportunities for learning and the development of recreation.  We support accessible and affordable opportunities for Yukoners to be active through community-based recreation and parks initiatives, programs and services.


Active Yukon encourages all Yukoners to be active and healthy where they live, work and play through promotion and current resources.


Active Yukon Schools

Active Yukon Schools  prioritizes daily physical activity and encourages children to have opportunities to be active every school day.

RHEAL Leader Program

The RHEAL Leader program encourages rural Yukoners to be active and healthy through programs led by a qualified, local individual.


Winter Active for Life

Winter Active for Life (WAFL) program encourages Yukoners of all ages to be physically active outdoors during long winter months.


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Suite 201-C

Whitehorse, YT

tel: (867) 668-3010

fax: (867) 668-2455