Yukon students spend over half of their day in school, making it an important place to learn about the benefits of physical activity.  Studies show that elementary kids who are active at school are more likely to remain active as teens and in to adulthood.  We also know that being active benefits their academic, social and emotional selves.

The Active Yukon Schools programs are committed to helping Yukon Educators getting and keeping Yukon students active and healthy.

Active Playground

The Active Playground Experience (APE) program instills values and behaviours for an active healthy lifestyle through peer leadership. This program is run in partnership with the classroom teacher and targets Grades 6-8.

Cycle Smart

Every spring, Cycle Smart travels across the Yukon giving students the opportunity to learn and practice important bicycle safety skills on their bikes.

Active Yukon Schools Newsletters

Active Yukon Schools Newsletters share stories and information to encourage active school environments.  Newsletters are put out twice a year.  Click here to read past issues.


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