Biking to work is more than just a ride.

This is Bike 2 Work & School Week (see previous post to get in on the fun).  As Active Living Coordinator, I KNOW that I am supposed to walk the walk, or pedal the bike in the this case, so today was my day to actually make it happen.  But then, life steps in.  The household is slow moving this morning, so there goes my early start time.  I have an event at noon at the high school, no worries, my cousin can grab me on the way.  I cannot find the bike lock that I swear was hanging right there last week, oh, there is the one I couldn’t find last week.  Now, I am really going to be late, but, I work in recreation, so I feel like I will be forgiven.  Finally, feeling frazzled and secretly thinking driving would be sooo much easier, off we pedal.

As my four legged co-worker and I ride through our neighbourhood, all the chaos is left behind.  Along the way, we are greeted by smiles and snacks set out by Yukon Energy and volunteers to celebrate the week,  a major bonus as breakfast was the first thing cut in the morning shuffle. We continue on saying hello to fellow commuters, neighbourhood kids heading to school, and visitors enjoying the beauty of the Yukon River.  And somewhere along the way, I am no longer just walking the talk.  I feel connected to my community and the beautiful land I am lucky enough to call home. I am grateful.

This is the part where I could tell you all the stats and benefits of physical activity and active transportation, I’m just going to say, try it for yourself. I promise you, biking to work is more than just a ride.