Terms of Use

The Yukon Community Recreation Leaders Guide was developed over two years, released in June 2015, and revised in June 2016. The writings and tools of this Guide come from a variety of sources with their permission, and references are cited.

This resource is intended for the day-to-day use of community leaders and organizations, and may not be sold, mass produced, used in workshops by a professional paid trainer or distributed for profit without the permission of the Recreation and Parks Association of Yukon (RPAY).


The Yukon Community Leaders Guide is a result of passion, dedication, and many long hours of writing, discussions, interviews, and brainstorming sessions. A big thank you is extended to the following individuals and organizations for their contribution:

Yukon Recreation Leaders, your input and feedback helped to create a useful, meaningful and relevant resource.

Authors: Caroline Sparks, whose commitment to the parks and recreation field, long term vision, and expertise moved the Guide from its initial concept through to completion, and Brenda Herchmer, whose experience as an adult educator in the community building sector and understanding of technology in leadership development were essential to the success of this project.

Writing and Development: Caroline Sparks, Brenda Herchmer, Mia Lee Carol Petersen, Anne Morgan, Pavlina Sudrich, and Inge Sumanik.

Guidance: Sue Meikle, Community Recreation/Active Living Consultant with Yukon Government’s Sport and Recreation Branch, whose encouragement and support helped this Guide become a reality.

Media and Photo: Thank you to all the Yukoners whose stories, photos and videos make the Guide interactive and interesting. Those not listed below are recognized in the Media and Photo Credits.

  • Active Yukon Youth and Recreation Video: Sam Finton
  • Active Animal Graphics: C. Caldwell Productions, Whitehorse, Yukon www.caldwellart.com

Design and Layout: Palmo Carpino